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The world’s longest tasting menu – 193 courses

We did a bit of research and we found out that of the population, only half have tried between 1-7 different international cuisines. So we decided to see what we could do about that! We set ourselves a challenge to put together a menu which would showcase the many different dishes from around the world. As foodie explorers this was right up our street and we set to work immediately.

After six months we’d sourced all our recipes, along with the help of supporters, bloggers and even some foreign embassies to make up the menu. Then, over a 24 hour period (that’s 8 courses per hour) we nibbled our way through each bite-size courses. To see the pictures of what we ate, you can check out the instagram feed.

What was it all about?

On Thursday 13th June Carrie and Simon from unearthed® ate 193 bite-sized courses from all round the globe. The menu covers drinks, starters, mains and desserts – both hot and cold.
They ate them all AND managed to stay awake – even though the challenge lasted for an insomnia-esque 24 hours! The good news though was that they weren’t alone. Throughout the duration they were joined by colleagues, suppliers and journalists – all keen to eat and be part of it too.

Have a watch of our time-lapse video of the comings, goings, dishes and visitors…

PR and coverage

We’ve had some great coverage both pre and post event, across a range of online media such as:

  • Stylist Magazine – the blog piece posted after 4 Stylist journalists took part in a back-to-back tag team effort
  • Travel Bite – a travel blog who picked up on our global eating theme
  • Sunday People – reporter Paddy Hill joined us to eat all 193 courses in 24 hours – and won!
  • Daily Express – William Hartson describes his experience of joining us for 9 hours of the challenge!
  • The Lady – the young ladies about town came graced us with their company for an hour
  • Kiss FM – Melvin and Rickie challenge Charlie to eat a grasshopper – see below


And if you want to read how our event came together, you can check out the blog posts: