We started unearthed® to share our favourite food discoveries with you, using authentic ingredients and the expertise of great regional producers. That was in 2008. Since then, we’ve been travelling around Europe to find more of what we – and you – like. In Brittany we found a smooth Duck Mousse, in Le Mans an award-winning Rillettes and in Aveyron the Saucisson Sec was exceptional. That was just France. But don’t worry, not everything we discover makes it on to the shelves, so there is always an excuse to go and discover things for yourself!

There will always be new regions to explore, new people to meet and more great foods to find. We’ll be travelling further in future, as well as unearthing the hidden gems closer to home. And for every pack we sell, we’ll be making a donation to Action Against Hunger, because not everyone gets to enjoy food as much as we do.

Simon Day- unearthed® founder
Carrie Hollis – Marketing Manager
Susie White – Digital Marketing Manager

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